Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Practitioner Kathleen Kearney, "Ten Steps in Personal Achievement", 7 pm, April 25

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This week concludes our 11-week exploration of Ernest Holmes's book It's Up to You.  The final chapter provides practical simple (but not always easy) suggestions to move in the direction of your dreams.  Here are a couple of examples: "Overcome negative mental attitudes." and "Learn to make your work easy."  

Plan to join Practitioner Kathleen Kearney as she brings this chapter to life and invites you to consider what you choose to do.  This free class begins at 7 pm. All are welcome. There is no need to register.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Practitioner Kathleen Kearney, "Thinking Creatively," 7 pm, April 18

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The world, spiritually speaking, is in better condition than it has been
because out of all the controversy, the mental turmoil will come some
kind of an answer. And the new answer must provide a bridge between
the intellect and the emotions. It must be intelligent, scientific and artistic.

                                                                                    Ernest Holmes, It's Up to You

Join Practitioner Kathleen Kearney this Wednesday as she explores what it means to think creatively. This free class begins at 7 pm; there is no need to register, just come ready to explore the teachings of the Science of Mind. All are welcome.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Dr. Edward Viljoen, "The Power of Prayer, 7 pm, April 11

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"Prayer is the conscious well-being of the soul. [T]here is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force as we pray, weaving itself into the warp and woof of our own mentalities."    It's Up to You, pp. 84-85

Affirmative prayer, what in Science of Mind we call Spiritual Mind Treatment, is one of our central spiritual practices. It is not a petition for God or Spirit to do something, it is for us to align our awareness with the essential Truth of our being and open to infinite possibilities.

This Wednesday, prayer is Dr. Edward's focus at the free Wednesday evening class.  Plan to join in at 7 pm in the sanctuary.  All are welcome, no registration or previous attendance is necessary.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Special Wednesday Evening Service, "In Support of Our Youth: Love, Prayer, Action", 7 pm, April 4

James Baldwin,
For those of us who joined a March for Our Lives last Saturday or watched one of the many marches around the country, it is clear that young people are taking a stand for their future and our country's future. At this Wednesday evening's special service, we will hear from some of our emerging leaders and have the opportunity to support them with our presence and our love.

There will be music, readings, sharing of experiences, and community prayer. Everyone is welcome. The service begins at 7 pm and is open to everyone.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Dr. Edward Viljoen, "The Choice Is Yours," 7 pm, March 28

Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, does not mince words.  He opens Chapter 8 of It's up to You with the following statement: "...historians may record this age as the period of [humanity's] greatest stupidity."  Why? Because we have yet to choose to receive all the good that is available to us as expressions of the Divine.

At Wednesday's free class, Dr. Edward guides us through a chapter that invites us into a deeper belief in the Good that is in, through and as all that is.  The class begins at 7 pm and is open to everyone, no need to preregister. If you missed earlier classes, you can order audio CDs in the bookstore and download handouts from the link at the bottom of the sidebar to the right of this blog.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Dr. Edward Viljoen, "As You Believe," 7 pm, March 21

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"All humanity is Divinity waking up to Itself through
self-discovery and self-realization."
It's up to You, page 60

This week's reading challenges us to begin where we are, to believe that we are good enough right now. What do you believe about who you are and what's possible? Your belief matters. 

Join Dr. Edward at Wednesday Night Wisdom, a free class open to all as he explores this topic, based upon Chapter 7 of Ernest Holmes's book, It's up to You. The class beings promptly at 7 pm in the sanctuary.  The silent meditation room upstairs is open from 6:15 to 6:50 pm before class.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Dr. Edward Viljoen, "Your Personality", 7 pm, March 14

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At Wednesday's free class, Dr. Edward's topic is personality, based on Chapter 6 of Ernest Holmes's book, It's up to You.  Personality reflects our preferences in life. 

How do we align our personality in ways that support our purpose? What creates an attractive personality? Come learn more Wednesday evening at 7 pm.  No need to register, all are welcome.