Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Rev. Tara Steele, "Going Electric," 7 pm, August 15

Biofeedback is a concept that has been around for quite awhile. In the last 30 years, one specific area of interest has been heart rate variability (HRV). Using biofeedback systems to increase heart rate variability to the level of resonance may reduce inflammation and improve health.

This week, Rev. Tara explores this strategy, as reported by author Jo Marchant, in her book, Cure. All are welcome to come to this free class which begins at 7 pm in the sanctuary. There's no need to sign up ahead.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Rev. Tara Steele, "The Fountain of Youth," 7 pm, August 8

A park in Paris at lunchtime

The subtitle for this week's chapter in Cure: A Journey to the Science of Mind over Body is "The Secret Power of Friends." That is one of author Jo Marchant's research findings. However, as Rev. Tara will explore, there is more to  living long and well, and as our teaching reminds us, What we think and believe matters. 

Wednesday Night free classes are open to all, with no need to sign up. And you are welcome to sit in our meditation room upstairs before class, beginning at 6:15 pm.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Dr. Edward Viljoen, "Enjoy the Moment", 7 pm, August 1

In 1979, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn developed an 8-week course on "mindfulness-based stress reduction," his way of repackaging meditation to allow for its use in caring for patients. Since then, more than 20,000 people have taken the class and talked about its value. This week, Dr. Edward explores journalist Jo Marchant's findings when she took a look at what science knows about meditation. 

Based on Chapter 9, "Enjoy the Moment," in Cure: A Journey to the Science of Mind over Body, this week's free Wednesday night class begins at 7 pm. All are welcome, there is no need to register.

Monday, July 23, 2018

"AIDS LifeCycle Celebration," July 25, 7 pm

Photo collage courtesy of team member Nancy Reynolds
They were and are an awesome team. They trained for countless (or perhaps Strava knows...) uphill and downhill bike miles and completed the 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The team is deeply appreciative of our center's generosity which contributed to the more than $16 million raised by this year's ride. Those dollars support AIDS research and assist those living with HIV-AIDS.

Wednesday evening, Dr. Edward and his teammates will share their stories in photos and videos. It will be a joyous celebration of the power of love and grit. All are welcome to the program which begins in the sanctuary at 7 pm, in place of our regular Wednesday Night Wisdom class.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Siota Belle, RScP, "Talk to Me," 7 pm, Wednesday, July 18

Feeling alone and unsupported can make any task more difficult. In Chapter 7, "Talk to Me," author Jo Marchant shares examples of how a caring presence supports people through experiences as different as childbirth and the end of life. This Wednesday evening, Practitioner Siota Belle leads a free one-hour class on why caring matters. The class is open to everyone and begins at 7 pm in the sanctuary.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Siota Belle, RScP, "Rethinking Pain," 7 pm, Wednesday, July 11

 People who are distracted or engaged in a pleasant activity may forget about problems and challenges; sometimes their awareness of pain or discomfort also decreases or goes away. Pain management specialists are exploring this phenomenon as a way to manage severe pain -- virtual reality may provide a remarkable complement or alternative to traditional pain medications. At this Wednesday's free class, Practitioner Siota Belle looks at Chapter 6, "Rethinking Pain," in Jo Marchant's book Cure. What we give our attention to makes a difference. Wednesday Night Wisdom is a free, one-hour class open to everyone. The class begins at 7 pm in the sanctuary.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wednesday Night Wisdom with Rev. Ruth Barnhart, "In a Trance," 7 pm, Wednesday, July 4

Many medical professionals remain skeptical of the value of hypnotism in treating different conditions. In Chapter 5 of Cure: A Journey to the Science of Mind over Body, scientist-journalist Jo Marchant presents some evidence for the benefits of hypnosis. Come to Wednesday's free class as Rev. Ruth Barnhart explores this topic and its relationship to Science of Mind teachings. Class begins at 7 pm. All are welcome.