Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Prayer in Grinton This Evening, June 15, 6 pm

"Find the good in the world and
hold on to it with both hands"
Sometimes to hold on, we join our hands in prayer.

Sunday morning as the 8:30 am service began, I knew very little about the Orlando massacre.  By Monday, when I came to work at the Center for Spiritual Living, my heart was broken, weeping within.

I was blessed to be in a prayer circle of staff members and volunteers Monday afternoon.  Each of us had a chance to briefly tell someone else how we were feeling and we prayed together.  My heart is still broken, and it is being held in love and truth.

Our prayer practitioners will be in Grinton before the 7 pm Vigil for Orlando, beginning at 6 pm, this evening.  If you would like to sit with a practitioner, share your heart, and have prayer, please come and do so. Our prayers together help to heal ourselves and our world.