Monday, December 26, 2016

"The Mind of Truth", Rev. Janet Tobin, Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 7 pm

As 2016 comes to a close, we are given the opportunity to assess how the year has unfolded for us. How did your understanding of life and your relationship to Spirit evolve? Have you paused and asked yourself what is true, really true for you?

This coming Wednesday, December 28, Rev Janet Tobin speaks to the topic, The Mind of Truth” and invites us into a reflection on our year. 

Come to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa at 7 pm, and plan on staying a bit after the service for light snacks and conversations with others in our community.  If you are reading along with us in The Science of Mind, Wednesday’s reading is on pages 495 and 496. See you on Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Revealing the Perfect One Within", Rev. Kim Kaiser, Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 7 pm

"What the healer does is to mentally uncover and reveal the Truth of Being, that God is in and through every person, and that this Indwelling Presence is already perfect.  We separate the belief from the believer and reveal that which needs no healing."

What do these words from the Science of Mind  textbook (418.3) mean? How might they make a difference in your life?  Join Rev. Kim Kaiser this Wednesday evening as he explores this core teaching of the Science of Mind.  The service begins at 7 pm with time for light snacks and fellowship afterwards.  All are welcome.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Remembrance Service, Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 7 pm

Join Rev. Joyce Duffala, Christopher Fritzsche, and members of our Grief and Loss Support Ministry as we honor those who have made their transition in the last 12 months.  Their names will be read from the Remembrance Book during the service and you may bring flowers, photographs, or other mementos to place on the community altar.

If you would like to add the name of a loved one who has passed on since December 2015, please call the Center for Spiritual Living no later than 8 pm on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.  That number is (707) 546-4543.

The Remembrance Service begins at 7 pm in the sanctuary.  All are welcome.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"The Universe Responds to You!" Rev. Kim Kaiser, Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 7 pm

This Wednesday evening, Rev. Kim Kaiser is our speaker.  Many are wondering whether the world has responded to us or to everyone else but us.  The problem may be in the response we are looking for rather than the one that is being given.  Come and find out more.

All are welcome to this evening service which starts at 7 pm.  And you may want to begin with a bit of centering silence and prayer in the Meditation Chapel upstairs, 6:30 to 6:50 pm.  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Expanding My Belief" Lauren Darges, RScP, November 9, 2016, 7 pm

This Wednesday evening is the first opportunity our community has to gather together in spiritual practice following the election.  As I write this, I know the best and highest outcome for our nation and all its people as we come together in commitment to peace, justice and healing for all.

Please plan to join in this service where Practitioner Lauren Darges will  explore our belief and ways it expands and deepens.  Spiritual community is a place of grace and healing; all are welcome to this service as well as the time of fellowship and light snacks that follows.

Monday, October 31, 2016

"The Atmosphere of God's Presence" Rev. Janet Tobin, Wednesday Evening, November 2, 2016, 7 pm

We are naturally spiritual! Do you think like that, or do you have questions about that? Does life feel different to you, sometimes spiritual, sometimes not?

This coming Wednesday, November 2, 2016, Rev Janet Tobin will be speaking at the evening service, and her topic is “The Atmosphere of God’s Presence.” Come to the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa at 7 pm, and plan of staying a bit after the service for light snacks and conversations with others in our community.

If you are reading along with us in The Science of Mind, Wednesday’s reading is on pages 308 to 309. See you on Wednesday!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Did You Wake Up This Morning in Your Right Mind?" Rev. Ruth Barnhart, Wednesday, October 26, 7 pm

Join Rev. Ruth Barnhart this Wednesday evening.  She is speaking about connecting with our true nature so that not only are we filled with the joy and peace of the Divine, but we shine that light and create this heavenly atmosphere for those around us.  Our thoughts and attitudes contribute to this experience, but even more is the practicing of the Presence. 

The service begins at 7 pm.  After service, please plan to stay to enjoy light snacks as well as conversation with others intrigued by this topic. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Our Thoughts Take Us Where We Want To Be" Melodie Bellagio, October 12, 7 pm

"Our thoughts take us where we want to be." Science of Mind textbook, pg. 340

What might Ernest Holmes have meant when he wrote these words? How might that be true in your life? Practitioner Melodie Bellagio invites us to explore how our thoughts may be key in navigating intentionally...or not, towards the experience of life we desire.

Wednesday evening services begin at 7 pm, with meditation offered in Grinton Chapel at 6:30 pm.  Following the service join in the conversation over light snacks in the social hall.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

"The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within," Dr. Edward Viljoen, Wednesday, October 5, 7 pm

Join Dr. Edward this Wednesday evening as he explores a key concept in the Science of Mind teaching: the kingdom of heaven is within.  His talk is based on the reading for the day from the Science of Mind textbook by Ernest Holmes, page 336, paragraph 5 through page 337, paragraph 1.

And plan to stay after the service.  There are light finger foods and the opportunity to make connections with others interested in spiritual beliefs and practices.  The service begins at 7 pm.  All are welcome.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Mysticism: Experiencing Reality Directly" with Rev. Kim Kaiser, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 7 pm

"A mystic is one who intuitively perceives Truth and, without mental process, arrives at Spiritual Realization."  Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind,pg. 327

This Wednesday evening at 7 pm, Rev. Kim Kaiser begins our study of Ernest Holmes's view of mysticism. Readings from the chapter, "What the Mystics Have Taught"  will continue on Wednesday evenings through the end of October.  Here is a link to the Guide to the Science of Mind in One Year if you would like to download a copy of the daily guide.

Wednesday's reading is page 327, paragraph 1 through page 328, paragraph 2 (327.1-328.2).

Wednesday evenings are a mid-week boost, offering you a chance to learn more about the teachings of the centers for spiritual living as well as to be in spiritual community together.  And remember, light snacks and conversation follow the service.  All are welcome.

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Help Thanks Wow" - My High Sierra Journey Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 7 pm

My hike of a portion of the John Muir Trail was my alternative to Dr. Edward's invitation that I ride a bicycle for 500 miles, in traffic, albeit for a good cause.  I began planning last fall.  My nine days on the trail were as amazing and life-changing as folks told me they would be -- and much more than I expected.

This coming Wednesday, September 14, I'll talk a bit about how I came to call myself "Oma All-Ways" and why choosing Anne Lamott's book title for my talk months ago turned out to be so perfect.

Pictures and videos at 7 pm, snacks and conversation after service.  All are welcome.  Love, Rev. Tara

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Nothing Held Against Us" Wednesday evening service September 7, 2016, 7 pm

 "The Universe Holds Nothing Against Us"

As I type the topic for Dr. Edward's talk on Wednesday, I pause, "Nothing, absolutely nothing? What about ..."  Our human vision is often informed by our past, our expectations of ourselves, our judgments.  How can the universe, The Thing Itself, hold nothing against us?

Quick answer, that's just the way It works, no mistakes, no place where Good is not.  And I know that Dr. Edward will have more to say about this topic. Join him in spiritual community, this Wednesday, September 7, at 7 pm.  All are welcome.  After the service, stay to share light snacks and conversation with old and new friends.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wednesday Evening Services, September 2016

Shadow Lake, Inyo National Forest
In September, each of the speakers touches on our personal experience of the Divine, from the Divine's unconditional support of us, to hiking the John Muir Trail, to the mystic's direct experience of the Thing Itself.  As Rev. Janet summarizes on the last Wednesday of the month, "God Is Personal".

Please plan to join us, Wednesday evenings, 7 pm, as we explore how the Divine shows up in our lives.  And, after service, plan to join in conversation over delicious bits of finger food.  Here are the talk topics for September:

Sep. 7 
  “The Universe Holds Nothing against Us" (561.3 – 562.2)
  Dr. Edward Viljoen
 Sep. 14 
  "Help, Thanks, Wow – My Sierra Journey” (526.M 1)
  Rev. Tara Steele
 Sep. 21 
  "Mysticism: Experiencing Reality Directly" (327.1 – 328.2) 
  Rev. Kim Kaiser
 Sep. 28 
  "God Is Personal"  (332.4 – 333.3) Rev. Janet Tobin

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kirtan With Jens Jarvie, Sahar Pinkam, and The Heart Wide Open at The Center for Spiritual Living

Kirtan With Jens Jarvie, Sahar Pinkham,
and The Heart Wide Open

August 31st, 7pm at the Center For Spiritual Living
2075 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa

Come chant the sacred mantras of old and raise up your voice and hearts in remembrance & celebration!

This will be our debut performance at the wonderful Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa and we would love for you to join us there...

A love offering will be received at the event 

All welcome, no experience necessary

Please check out our music on Bandcamp:

Or watch a short video about Jens' music on YouTube:


Sunday, August 21, 2016

"The Heart of the Matter", Wednesday Evening Service, 7 pm, August 24

Join Dr. Edward this coming Wednesday, August 24 as he looks at the heart of our teaching, the power of Love and "a determination to think only God-like thoughts".  This talk is based on the Science of Mind reading for the day.  You can find the guide to reading the Science of Mind textbook in a year here.

You are invited to join in the conversation after the service in the social hall where you'll also find light finger foods and snacks to enjoy.  All are welcome.  The service starts at 7 pm.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"What did Jesus really say?" Wednesday evening service, August 17, 7 pm

The founder of Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, pointed to Jesus of Nazareth as a master teacher and as the great example.  In the reading for this Wednesday evening's service, page 427, pararaphs 1-4, Holmes points out that Jesus discerned spiritual truth.  In Holmes's view, much that Jesus had to say is at the heart of our faith tradition.

At this Wednesday's evening service, Rev. Joyce Duffala reflects on the introductory paragraphs to Holmes's writings on the teachings of Jesus.  All are welcome to the service as well as the informal conversation and light snacks that follow.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Navigating through the Storm", Wednesday evening, August 10, 7 pm

In stormy circumstances, how do we keep our attention on what matters? How do we remember the Truth that underlies all that is occurring? Rev. Ruth Barnhart explores these questions and suggests strategies and practices that may bring clarity and peace within.

The service begins at 7 pm, this Wednesday, August 10.  You are invited to stay after the service to talk about what stood out for you in the talk as well as to share in light snacks.  All are welcome.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Getting Unstuck", Wednesday evening, 7 pm, August 3

Are you feeling stuck in the mud?  Or perhaps stuck in a belief?  This Wednesday, August 3, join Rev. Kim Kaiser as he looks at how we get stuck and what works to get us moving again.  Ernest Holmes, author of the Science of Mind  textbook, has some intriguing thoughts on this topic.

Plan to stay after service.  There'll be light snacks and friendly conversation.

The service beings at 7 pm.  All are welcome.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wednesday Evening Services in August, 7 pm

Wondering what the topics are on Wednesday evenings in August? 

Here's the lineup with the readings for the day:

August 3 -  “Getting Unstuck” (SoM 240.3 - 242.3) 
                      Rev. Kim Kaiser

August 10 - “Navigating Through the Storm” (SoM 249.2 - 250.5) 

                      Rev. Ruth Barnhart

August 17 -  “What did Jesus really say?” (SoM 427.1 - 427.4) 

                       Rev. Joyce Duffala

August 24 -  “The Heart of the Matter” (SoM 238.3 - 240.2) 

                       Dr. Edward Viljoen

August 31 -  Kirtan (404.5 - 407.4)  

                       Sahar Eric Pinkham and friends

Services start at 7 pm in the Sanctuary.  All are welcome.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Realizing Oneness with the All Good, Wednesday, July 27, 7 pm

Like the wave that is a part of the ocean, so each of us is unique and in the Oneness of God.  Join Rev. Janet Tobin as she explores ways to recognize and embody the underlying All Good of Spirit. The talk is based upon a reading on vision from the Science of Mind textbook, pages 229-231.

The service begins at 7 pm at the Center for Spiritual Living, 2075 Occidental Road.  Conversation and light snacks follow the program.  All are welcome.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Attracting Success, Rev. Tara Steele, 7 pm, Wednesday, July 20

High in the mountains of Utah, this single sego lily blooms, succeeding in bringing beauty and wonder to hikers along the trail.  Astonishing as it may seem, the lily thrives.

So too for us, "We should EXPECT THE BEST, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience."

Want to learn more?  Join Rev. Tara Steele at the Wednesday evening service, 7 pm, June 20, as she explores how to attract success.  The talk is based upon the Science of Mind textbook reading, pages 299.4 -  301.2  Following the service, join in the conversation over light snacks.  All are welcome.

Monday, July 11, 2016

"How to Pray for Prosperity" Wednesday evening, July 13, 7 pm

Prosperity -- abundance -- aliveness
Prosperity is not just about money.  There's much more to it.

When do you feel that your cup runneth over, that all is well and abundantly good?   Are there qualities of life, values, ways of being, that enrich you? And how does each of us find our way to that awareness?  Join Dr. Edward Viljoen at this Wednesday's evening service when he explores the meaning of prosperity and how we bring it into our lives.

All are welcome to our evening service where we study the teachings of the founder of Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes.  And following the service, there's time to chat over light, delicious finger food.  Meditation is at 6:30, the service begins at 7 pm.

By the way, if you miss a Wednesday evening service, you can order the CD recording at Stepping Stones Books and Gifts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Prayer in Grinton This Evening, June 15, 6 pm

"Find the good in the world and
hold on to it with both hands"
Sometimes to hold on, we join our hands in prayer.

Sunday morning as the 8:30 am service began, I knew very little about the Orlando massacre.  By Monday, when I came to work at the Center for Spiritual Living, my heart was broken, weeping within.

I was blessed to be in a prayer circle of staff members and volunteers Monday afternoon.  Each of us had a chance to briefly tell someone else how we were feeling and we prayed together.  My heart is still broken, and it is being held in love and truth.

Our prayer practitioners will be in Grinton before the 7 pm Vigil for Orlando, beginning at 6 pm, this evening.  If you would like to sit with a practitioner, share your heart, and have prayer, please come and do so. Our prayers together help to heal ourselves and our world.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wednesday evening services in June

Planning your June calendar?  Here's what's coming to the Center on Wednesday evenings in June:

June 1  "How Important Is It to Have Constructive Thoughts?"  Dr. Edward Viljoen

June 8  "Seeing Spiritual Perfection"  Rev. Janet Tobin

June 15  "Holding On Together: A Vigil for Orlando"  Rabbie George Gittleman and
                Kim Kaiser

June 22  Kirtan Mass, composed by Christopher Fritzsche and Edward Viljoen
               Note this is the fourth Wednesday, not the fifth Wednesday

June 29  "All You Need Is Love"  Brenda Kobrin, RScP

Our Wednesday evening services are an opportunity for mid-week connection with our spiritual community.   With the exception of the Kirtan Mass program, these services are a bit shorter and offer a chance for conversation and camaraderie over light snacks after the service.

Have questions or comments?  Please email Rev. Tara at

Monday, May 23, 2016

Help through Prayer at a Distance -- Wednesday, May 25, 7 pm

Dr. Edward speaks at this Wednesday's evening service -- diving into the topic "Help through Prayer at a Distance".  His talk is an opportunity to understand a bit more about the teachings of Science of Mind.  And, following the service, you can enjoy some pesto or marinara pasta, a bit more than our usual finger food fare, along with fellowship and conversation.

Intrigued? Planning to attend?  Might you consider helping out a bit with serving and clean up? Please email Rev. Tara at if you want to volunteer for this Wednesday evening's food fellowship setup and cleanup.  See you there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"How to Heal" - Wednesday evening, May 22, 7 pm

Eat Your Veggies!  That was my mother's answer for the sniffles of childhood -- and it sometimes worked.  But the topic "How to Heal" is much more than a question of what's on the menu or in the tummy.

This Wednesday, Rev. Kim Kaiser explores Ernest Holmes's teaching  on this topic.  It's all about knowing perfection, releasing doubt and fear, and clarity of thought.  The service begins at 7 pm with meditation at 6:30 pm for those who enjoy settling within at the end of the day.

Monday, May 9, 2016

How's Your Image? Is It Divine? Wednesday Evening Service May 11, 7 pm

How clearly do you reflect your Divine Self?

In the words of a friend, this Wednesday evening's Science of Mind textbook reading (195.5-197.4) reading "made my eyes cross and my brain hurt".  It is a dense reading, but not impenetrable.

The section titles may help clarify the text.  The first section is labeled "We Are Allowed to Choose". The Divine Image, the perfection of our life, is within all of us, is our essence, always.  We choose to be aware of this underlying Perfect Life, or not, but we cannot destroy it.

And the second section reminds us that "Man Re-enacts God".  We individualize the outer expression of ourselves by the thoughts we choose, the effect (more or less depending on our awareness) of group mind, and our environment.  The most powerful and creative of these is our thought.  The more we recognize the underlying I AM and choose to align with that perfection, the more it shows up in, as, and through our life.

That's the Cliff Notes version.  Please join me, Rev. Tara Steele, in looking more deeply at this powerful topic on Wednesday evening, May 11, at 7 pm.  Our spiritual gathering is blessed by Chris Fritzsche's exquisite musical presence and all are welcome to join us for light snacks after the service.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wednesday Evenings in May

Have you been reading along with the weekly or daily readings in the Science of Mind textbook?  I am finding it to be a lovely morning practice, sometimes leading into prayer or stillness, other times into questions and "What did Ernest mean by that?"  That's when I appreciate our Wednesday evening services that explore the day's reading.

There is quite a range of topics for May, the month we focus on Spiritual Guidance and Personal Responsibility.  The service begins at 7 pm, in the sanctuary.  There is also meditation in Grinton Chapel at 6:30 pm for those of you who like to begin in this way.

Here is our calendar, including the textbook reading for the day:

May 4 - Rev. Janet Tobin - "Answered Prayer"  190.1-191.4

May 11 - Rev. Tara Steele -  "An Image of the Divine"  195.5 - 197.4

May 18 - Rev. Kim Kaiser - "How to Heal"  201.5 - 203.3

May 25 - Dr. Edward Viljoen - "Help through Prayer at a Distance"  208.2 - 210.3 

Following the service, all are welcome to join in light snacks and continue the conversation.

You can find the reading guides on the information table in the Social Hall.  The year-long guide is also available electronically here Science of Mind Guide in One Year  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Propelled by Love, Wednesday, April 20

Love brings beauty and grace, even in the shadows

This Wednesday evening at 7 pm, Practitioner Melodie Bellagio explores the power of love. When love is our starting point, such wonder and congruency are possible. By letting love bring clarity and energy to our beliefs and intentions, we are propelled forward by Its power into our highest and best future.  

Melodie's talk is based on the Science of Mind reading for Wednesday, page 163.1 through page 164.2.   Following the service, there are tasty finger foods and an opportunity to share your thoughts on the topic with others in our community.

Monday, April 11, 2016

What's Faith Got to Do with It? Wednesday April 13

"If one will have faith in himself, faith in his fellowman, in the Universe, 
and in God, that faith will light the place in which he finds himself, 
and by the light of this faith, he will be able to see that ALL IS GOOD."
Science of Mind & Spirit, 158.4

What do you have faith in?  And what is faith anyway?  If you are of a scientific, rational bent, does faith make sense in your life? Is it necessary to have faith?

We'll explore these questions and others at this Wednesday's evening service.  Tom McCurry nourishes us with his music during the service.   

Come at 7 pm when the service begins or come at 6:30 to sit in meditation beforehand.  Plan to stay and continue the conversation afterwards over light snacks in the social hall.  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

It Only Happens Four Times This Year - Kirtan

Don't miss out, this Wednesday evening is a fifth Wednesday, one of only four in 2016.  That means our Wednesday evening service is kirtan and devotional chanting.  

Join in this rich community spiritual practice of call and response chants led by Christopher Fritzche. You can join in or simply bask in the harmonies.  Whatever you choose, plan to attend.  This Wednesday, 7 - 8:30 pm, at the Center for Spiritual Living.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wednesdays in April 2016

This is our new space for information about Wednesday Evenings at the Center.  It is still under construction.  For now, here is general information about Wednesday Evenings in April.

April 2016 Focus - The Global Vision: Kinship with all life
Recommended Reading, Jacob Needleman, “Unknown World”

Apr 6    “Prayer Is Essential to Happiness” (152.2 – 153.1)
Dr. Edward Viljoen

Apr 13    “Faith Lights the Way” (157.4 – 158.5)
Rev. Tara Steele

Apr 20    “Propelled by Love”  (163.1 – 164.2)
Melodie Bellagio, RScP

Apr 27    “When ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’” (170.3 – 174.1)
Rev. Joyce Duffala

The numbers in parentheses represent the paragraphs in The Science of Mind which will provide focus and inspiration for the evening.