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Join Dr. Edward on Wednesday, April 17 at 7 pm for Spiritual Practice

The Transformative Power of Chanting, Humming, and Community in Spiritual Practice Finding a moment of peace often feels like a distant dream in the bustling rhythm of life. However, spiritual practices such as chanting affirmative phrases and humming the sound aum can bridge inner tranquility and personal transformation. These practices, rooted in ancient traditions, offer profound benefits and connect us deeply with ourselves and others. The Power of Chanting Affirmative Phrases Chanting affirmative phrases or affirmations is more than just a vocal practice; it's a method of nurturing our inner calm and clarity through the power of spoken words. Each affirmation is a positive statement that can reprogram the subconscious mind, helping to foster a sense of peace and clarity.  The effectiveness of this practice lies in its repetition and the emotional intensity behind the words. When chanted in a daily routine, these phrases embed themselves in our psyche, gradually transforming o
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Rev. Russ this Wednesday Evening -- What If We Truly Surrendered?

  What if I truly surrendered? This is a question I often ask myself. But, to what am I surrendering?  Spirit. The Self within. That part of me that is the core of who I am when I take away all my agendas and fears and expectations and beliefs and opinions.  Psychologist Richard Schwartz defines the Self as that eternal part of us that is wise, and that embodies the following qualities: Compassion, Courage, Clarity, Calm, Creativity, Curiosity, Connectedness, Confidence Additionally, there are five P words that describe the Self: Presence, Perspective, Playfulness, Persistence, Patience    Knowing this, the question for me then becomes, what might happen if I were to surrender fully into these qualities of my wise Self? Believe it or not, the answer can sometimes be frightening. You see, I have parts of my mind that like to keep me safe, as we all do, and they sometimes don't find these qualities of Self to be safe. Sometimes when we grow up, our natural compassion comes out in a s

Dr. Edward Viljoen at Wednesday Evening - Recovering from Betrayal: Lessons from Holy Wednesday

Betrayal can leave us reeling, lost in a sea of shattered trust and emotional turmoil. Yet, within the stories we've inherited, there are paths forward, lessons on resilience, and recovery that resonate through time. Holy Wednesday, often overshadowed by the more prominent days of Holy Week, offers profound insights into the nature of betrayal and the steps toward healing. Dr. Edward will talk about the story of betrayal, understanding its impact on our peace, and the steps we may take to heal from it. The Story of Betrayal Holy Wednesday marks a pivotal moment in the Easter narrative—the day Judas Iscariot chose to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. This act wasn't a mere transaction; it was a breach of deep, personal trust. Judas, one of the twelve disciples, had walked alongside Jesus, sharing in the journey, the teachings, and the miracles. His betrayal set in motion the events leading to the crucifixion, a cornerstone of the Easter story. Understanding the Impact B

The Harmony of Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is a special time of the year for me. The days and nights are equal, and this reminds me of the harmony and balance inherent in nature.  Sometimes I find my life out of balance; the world can be quite frightening, and occasionally, if I am not careful, I can let the stressors of my life add up. Spring Equinox is a lovely reminder, then, that the balance I am often seeking in my life is a vital part of the universe in which we live. It's not something I have to create, but rather something that already exists that I can choose to cultivate.  This Wednesday during our Spring Equinox Potluck, we will celebrate that balance with food, song, community, and shared spiritual practice. You will have an opportunity after our potluck dinner to create an affirmation of balance and harmony for yourself, our community, and the world.  Our potluck begins at the Center at 6pm, and the special Wednesday Evening Service begins at 7pm.  See you soon! -Russ

Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

I love new things. New technology, new guitars (I may have a problem, I won't deny it!), new goodies to print on my 3d printer. There is something about "new" that feels like an expression of life to me. New can be quite exciting and fun! In our society I believe that we are conditioned to assume that just because something is shiny and new, it must be better. The whole smartphone industry is a great example of this--we are told that we need that new iPhone every year, even though that new iPhone isn't really doing anything new or much better than last year's iPhone. It still takes pictures, it still makes phone calls, it still browses the Internet and has tons of apps that all do various different cool things. Functionally speaking, when I look at the core things a smartphone needs to do, the iPhone of today isn't really that different than the very first iPhone. They both do the same things; maybe the new iPhone does those things better, but that original iP

What to say when you talk to yourself with Edward Viljoen

In the quiet moments of reflection, the words we whisper to ourselves hold immense power. These silent conversations shape our confidence, sculpt our view of the world, and influence our steps forward. Recognizing the importance of nurturing a compassionate inner dialogue, we are thrilled to invite you to our Wednesday evening service at the center. This week Edward Viljoen will delve into the spiritual significance of gently cleaning up your self-talk. Edward Viljoen, known for his insightful and accessible approach to spiritual teachings, will guide us through the process of transforming our internal monologue. He brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the power of words. His message is clear: the way we converse with ourselves not only impacts our internal state but also reflects in our external world. Why does this matter? Our self-talk is often a mirror reflecting our deepest beliefs about ourselves and our place in the universe. Critical or harsh self-dialogue

Keeping a Weather Eye

  Meditation and affirmative prayer--these are all fantastic spiritual practices that can lead to incredible growth in our lives. But what do we do when we find these practices don't seem to be working?  If that sounds like an experience you've had, don't worry. You're not alone. In my classes about affirmative prayer I often have students ask me, "What do I do if my prayer doesn't work?" Or, I hear "I want to meditate, but my mind just won't be quiet!" The good news is that often when it seems like we are doing everything right--but not seeing results--it turns out there is a part of us that might be getting in the way. And these parts--hidden beliefs, attitudes, ways of being--can be addressed directly so that we might better understand what is keeping our prayers and meditations from uplifting our lives, and then bring in healing.  I invite you to join me in this exploration in our next Wednesday Evening Service, where I will be talking ab